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Who we are

Over the years we've been helping people take control of their financial future. That's because we've stayed true to our core beliefs, our commitment to community and our approach to investing.  Today, we're one of the world's largest Asset management organisations, managing more than $2.2 trillion, we've helped investors succeed by remaining true to our values and approach.

They include a distinctive way of managing money, an emphasis on research, a long-term view and a recognition of the power of relationships. Helping investors succeed has helped us grow. Today, we're one of the world's largest investment management organisations

Our core beliefs.

We believe a financial goal is more than a number to you. It may represent a new home, a small business, a comfortable retirement or a college education. To help you go from dreaming to doing.

  • We believe that investing is the key to wealth creation and securing a better financial future. Especially with governments around the globe retrenching fiscally and people having to become more self-sufficient to provide for their future financial security.
  • Clients are at the heart of our business: Investing clients’ money is why we exist. Our purpose is to provide choices and optimal financial outcomes to clients, whether they are individuals, employers, financial advisers or institutions.
  • We act with integrity. Our clients expect us to apply responsible and sensible stewardship standards when we invest for them. We behave ethically, with fairness and equality. And we recognise that, as a responsible allocator of capital, asset management companies like ourselves play a key role in sustainable economic growth and job creation.